Can what you eat cause depression?

According to a recent study released in Spain, the answer is yes. This study, which closely followed the lifestyle and diet of more than 12,000 people over 6 years, added further support to claims that junk food may be linked to depression. When the study began, none of the participants suffered from depression. However, at the conclusion of the study, more than half were diagnosed with clinical depression.

The study results suggest that those who consume more trans-fats-fat found in many commercially prepared and processed foods-have a 48 percent higher likelihood of becoming depressed than those who engage in healthy eating.

How can food be used to promote better health? Mindful Meditative Eating is an exercise that may increase your awareness of food choices and improve your health and wellness. In this meditative discipline, full attention is given to the dining experience. The focus is on how different foods make you feel (i.e. energetic, happy, tired etc.) and why you chose those specific foods. The goal of the exercise is to encourage wise food choices and promote a healthier relationship with food.

So whether you decide to diet or meditate, this study offers another convincing argument for limiting junk food in your meal plans.